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Courses both for Self-development and Practitioner Training - Theta Healing & Usui Reiki

Payment Plan Option available.  Email: iren[email protected] for further information.

Financial lack is interestingly very little to do with actual financial beliefs but rather our idea of what being wealthy means and relative impact on our lives.  

 Dates 2018
(Included in Course Fee)
 Early Bird Full Course Investment
 Full Course
Usui Reiki First Degree - 2 Day - Self, Friends, Family, Pets, Plants.  Unique Atuned with Gatekeepers & Soul. (max nunbers 4 people to allow time to clear any belief slowing your receiving of the energy)
(Student Manual, Certificate, Refreshments.  Bring Lunch)

You require a healing and practice period before taking Reiki Second Degree.  June dates below.  Deep healing in both courses for the student in a gentle but profound way.  My courses are fun, relaxed, increases how secure you feel to open to your intuition and I work with you to clear old beliefs that limit Reiki from being an easy experience.  75%  practical, grounded theory.  Totally different experience from being in school).
Fully Booked
April 14th-15th
Sat 9-6pm
Sun 9-3pm
  £95.00 (non-refundable but part of course fee.
- Paying deposit secures your place in small group)
USUI REIKI Second Degree
Practitioner 3 Day Course - Second Degree Reiki.
Unique atunement with Gatekeeper & Soul Name.
(Max numbers 6 people to allow time to clear old beliefs interfering with you being a healer).
(Student Manual, Certificate, Refreshments.  Bring Pack Lunch)

April 27th-29th 
Fri/Sat 9-5pm
Sunday 9-3pm)
 First Degree Reiki
  £95.00 (non-refundable.  Included in course fee)
- secures place in small group.
Usui Reiki
First Degree
Basic DNA2 - 3 Day Certification- Foundation Course. Allows you to treat others if you wish.
(Vianna Stibal Book, Manual, Certification, Refreshmnent.  Bring Pack Lunch)

May 4th - 6th
(Fri/Sat 9-5pm
Sun 9-3pm)
(Fully Booked)

 £95.00 (non-refundable)

 USUI  REIKI First Degree 2 day personal, family,friends, pets
Self Healing with the flow of Reiki Atuned through your souls vibration & Gatekeepers.  (max numbers 4 people to allow time to clear old beliefs on receiving healing).
You will be able to help yourself, friends, family & pets.
(If you wish to further devdelop your Reiki Healing Technique to professionally qualify, the next step is Reiki 2 often terms second degree).
Included in course: Manual, Refreshments.  Please bring a packed lunch.

May 26th & 27th
Sat 9-3pm
Sun 9am
- 6pm
  £95.00 (non-refundable deposit is included in course fee
Secures place in small group)
Basic DNA2 
(Booking Basic & Advance Class at same time email:
[email protected] for separate invoice.  Save £80 off Total Combined Full class fee).

 3 Day Certification Course - 1st Foundation Course.  Begins a beautiful journey within, becoming more intuitive, meeting Guardian Angels, Learning about the Planes of Existence, learning how to find the bottom belief creating your 'state of dis-ease'.  Internationally recognised qualification allowing you to use ThetaHealing to help others if you choose to practice.
Vianna Stibal Book, Manual, Certification, Refreshments.
(Bring Pack Lunch)

June 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Sun 9-3pm


£95.00 (Non Refundable.  included in course fee)



  Reiki Second Degree - Practitioner Course - 3 Day
Attuned through your Gatekeepers and Soul Name direct to Reiki Masters learn symbols and processes to be the conduit to create change in emotional physical and mental wellness for yourself and your clients.  (max 6 students to allow time to resolve beliefs around being a healer).
Whether beginning your holistic practitioner path or adding to your skills this course in deeply healing for the student, educational practically and theoretically without feeling your back in school.  Fun is the focus of my classes. 
Included in course: Manual, Refreshments, Certificate.  Please bring a packed lunch.
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  Reiki First Degree
(non-refundable deposit is included in course fee
- secures place in small group)
  Usui Reiki First Degree
Advanced DNA2 
(If you wish to book Basic and Advance combined email [email protected] for separate invoice.  Save £80.00 on full combined class fee)

3 Day Practitioner Qualification.  2nd Foundation Course.
Deepen and build on the skills from Basic DNA2.  See Course Information Page for full details.
Included in Course: Official Vianna Stibal Book, Manual, Certificate.  
Tea/coffee/ refreshments.  (Bring a pack lunch).
21st to 23rd
9am- 5pm
Basic DNA2.
Secures Seat
(Non refundable deposit included in course fee)
 Early Bird
 Full Fee
Dig Deeper - 2 Day Certification - Foundation Course.
(Manual, Certification.  Refreshments.  Bring Pack Lunch)
Dates to be confirmed
(Sat/Sun 9:30-5pm)
  Basic & Advanced
  £95.00 (non-refundable)
Manifesting & Abundance - 2 Day Certification - 
(Vianna Stibal DVD, Certification. Refreshments. Please bring a packed Lunch).
Dates to be confirmed
Sat/Sun 9:30-5pm)

   Basic, Advanced,
Dig Deeper
  £95.00 (non- refundable)