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Alison Spice - Reiki First Degree Course - December 2017
Irene as a teacher is very knowledgeable and calming.  I was able to relate to what she was telling me.  I got exactly what I was hoping for, an understanding of the practice of Reiki.  I enjoyed the experiences Irene has had with Reiki. 

Ken Morton - Reiki First Degree Course - December 2017
Irene takes great care ensuring that I was comfortable and relaxed.  The information she shared was informative, clear and concise.  I now feel confident to practice Reiki One on myself, friends, family and pets.  

Sonya Anderson -  ThetaHealing Basic DNA  Course - November 2017
This course exceeded my expectations, joined all the dots, happy and content to use ThetaHealing in my daily life.  The healing space used was amazing, felt so calming, safe and nurtured.  Felt like the course was delivered how it was meant according to my learning capabilities.  Clarity and a better understanding of myself and life purpose.  No words can express how grateful I am to have met Irene and became her student, beautiful soul with a beautiful life purpose.  Changed my life.

Kelly Signorini - Thetahealing Evening - Nov 2017 Theme 'More of You'
Was an awesome night Irene, still find it fascinating the extreme beliefs that we can hold from our ancestors.  Cleared a lot of stuff instantly and looking forward to the next few days when it fully kicks in!  Looking forward to the next one!

Nicola Clark- ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017  Theme 'Aches & Pains' 
I went to the aches and pains theta evening, I am so pleased I did.  Irene guided everyone into a gentle meditation which is so lovely (I know for me its like having a big warm hug!) in a warm comfortable room & spoke about what Theta is about and how it can help you.  Irene creates a lovely space for changes to happen if you want them to. For me, a few days after, my back pain is way less intense and my sleep is much better and i feel more relaxed.  Looking forward to the next one!  Nicola's mother was amazed as to how hot her hands became during the evening and found it very interesting.

Tracy Rendall - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches and Pains'
Another fabby night Irene, thanks again.  Am learning slowly x

Anne Boyle - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches & Pains'
I know its been a fully a week since this Aches and Pains session but I'm still feeling the benefit from it!  Thank you very much Irene and everyone that was there sharing the energies. Feeling great!

Ken Morton - ThetaHealing Evening Oct 2017 Theme 'Aches & Pains'
Ken volunteered for a short thetahealing session during the evening.  Feedback the next day - I noticed such a big difference in my back this morning, woke up without pain and throughout today its been the same.  There was so much energy in that room last night.... fantastic.