Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 


Reiki Energy Healing Courses

with a slight twist of powerful Gatekeeper asistance

Usui Reiki Attuned to work with your Gate keepers 

Channels of healing have been used for centuries benefiting mankind.  A slight twist to my teachings are the most beautiful, gentle energy our Gate Keepers possess keeping us safe on our journey to connect to the Reiki Grand Masters; teaching us and nurturing us.

Having channelled from Creator to teach and attune this way my students receive deep and profound healing; opening their psychic senses beyond what I could ever have imagined.  

The process of healing through your Gate Keepers in lovely small class sizes, building little communities of ladies and gentlemen supporting one another on their quest for knowledge and purpose through self-healing.

 Small classes allows time for beautiful additional healing increasing your flow of Reiki.  All Reiki First Degree, Second, Advanced and Masters will run throughout the year nurturing your physical, spiritual and energetic bodies on your journey.  

Monthly practice sessions deepen your knowledge, bring link minded people together and create a sense of purpose and common cause.

Classes for parents of children and young adults with additional support needs include guide and time for the particular needs of the individual,  One of the most powerful tools of the parent is contact.  If it isn't possible as a physical hug, the energy of Reiki provides a connection which helps your child feel safe and connected. Empowering in itself and personally has helped my son who has Asperger Syndrome in areas such as sleep, concentration, calming, when sick with temperature, relaxing.

Reiki First Degree gives the tools a family with children who have additional support needs will benefit from. A 2 day certificated course £135 exchange.

Reiki First Degree - What will I learn?
Reiki First Degree with Gate Keeper Attunements is so much more than the first step...
Become a wonderful channel for the Japanese way of Natural Healing through the safe channel of your Gate keepers.  You are able to give Reiki to friends and family, pets, plants, buildings.  (If you feel drawn to furthering your knowledge with Reiki as a new vocation in life to help others whilst developing your own life, Reiki Second Degree is the next step giving you a Professional Qualification.  Furthering from here takes us toward Advanced Reiki and eventually Master/Teacher,

Over this 2 day Reiki First Degree course you will discover aspect of your Soul, your Purpose, your Qualities which are your foundation to create change from.  Introduction to Energy fields (Aura), sensing both your own and other peoples, plants, and animals energies, Chakra systems.   This course is 75% practical with teaching moulded around the students.
You will have a sense of belonging, strength and inner connection.  It's all about the love x

Reiki Second Degree - 3 Day Practitioner Training 

Taking your knowledge and understanding of what you are sensing, the process of connection through your Soul Frequency & Gatekeepers to a far deeper level during this 3 day course which will allow you to practice professionally.
During this course you will learn to work with Reiki Symbols in different ways, how to create an energetically secure cylinder to connect to a 'client' in a different country or place receiving accurate information regards their symptoms along with creating opportunity for them to heal. 

 Further learning to expand  your intuitive senses with group activities.   Learning to notice and work with past life energetic symptoms.  Learning to choose or be chosen by crystals who wish to work with you; their purpose with you, to lay out a crystal grid which is activated and benefit from in your Reiki 2 Therapy sessions.  

You will also learn Reiki healing of plants, food and liquids.  Changing frequency through Reiki allows a different taste experience.  Its an amazing 3 days of expansion in a fun and relaxed way.  The space I hold for your learning is without pressure, supportive and aimed at you having the opportunity to be who you are at the deepest level without having to be a super hero!

"Whether your journey began to help loved ones or as a step into the world of professional healing, I welcome you".

Usui Reiki - The Japanese Way of Natural Healing