Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

Reflexology ~ Advanced, Traditional, Chi, Pregnancy & Birth

Reflexology is a language your body can understand.  The language is 'heard' through 7,200 odd nerve endings in your feet - fortunately Hand Reflexology is equally as effective and convenient for the many people who have tickly feet or have experienced limb amputation.

I have been seeing ladies with infertility issues for over 22 years, with the added programming of reflexology, fertility is more successful and IVF maintains well. 

I treat pre, during and post natal ladies.  Treating the 'new mother' and baby within the first 4 days of delivery ensures avoidance of baby blues and post natal depression is either avoided altogether or immensely alleviated.  Your precious little one receives reflexology with gentleness and cranio-sacral therapy to release any birth strains so your little one can avoid colic and sleep better.  Happy baby means happy mummy and daddy!

I am best known for working with chronic illness, arthritis and back, hip, knee, shoulder pain... you will see why my interest is so strong in this area and combined with my other treatments is wonderfully relaxing and effective. 

My subconscious holding of a pain relief point on my hand was the very same technique I discovered used way back in 1890 by Dr Fitzgerald Ear Nose & Throat specialist had been using as a form of anaesthesia for surgery way back in 1890....

My interest into other ways of managing pain and improving health was born.  (I had fractured my lower back 3 times, the first time at 8years old.  I had a scoliosis, migraine and weakness on my left side.  A very good reason to have a thirst for ways to improve my back).

Initially self taught from books 31 yrs ago!.. I practiced on friends and family.  I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of years travelling through Australia, South East Asia and Burma, learning their Reflexology techniques which I later combined into studied Western techniques.

A Reflexology session is deep, relaxing with guidance on any areas of your body I have found irregularities.  The 1st appointments is 90 minutes with follow up appointments being either 30 or 60 minutes dependent on what we are looking to achieve from your treatment.  The additional time for consultation as a new client is complimentary.

From the 1st treatment session depending on your bodies response I may recommend we use a combination of treatments which will bring a more balanced and speedier recovery.  There is no additional costs for combinations of treatments. 

 My ethos is bringing back your balance, wellbeing and gaining the freedom from life you deserve.