Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

Qualifications, Memberships & Vulnerable Groups

Memberships and Vulnerable Groups

Emergency 1st Aid at Work (Valid to 01/12/21)

Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme - Working with children & Vulnerable Adults

North East Scotland Child Protection (NESCP) 2013

BMI Working with Vulnerable Adults 2017

Association of Reflexologists

Independent Professional Therapists International

THInK Institute of Knowledge


Energetic Qualifications

Polarity Therapy S.Gray S.S.R.        1995

Emotional Freedom Technique        1997

Intuition Training, Intuition Unlimited     2002

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki E. Kerr Reiki I        2002

Usui Shiki Rhyoho Reiki E. Kerr Reiki II     2003
Usui Reiki III Master Teacher                    2011

ThetaHealing THInK Institute of Knowledge

Instructor Qualifications: Teacher; founder Vianna Stibal Nov 2015.

Basic DNA2 

Advanced DNA2

Dig Deeper

Manifesting and Abundance

ThetaHealing THInK Institute of Knowledge

Practitioner Qualifications: Private Sessions & Couples.  Business Development.

Basic DNA2

Advanced DNA2

Dig Deeper

Manifesting and Abundance

Family Ties

Intuitive Anatomy

Disease and Disorder

Planes of Existence

World Relations
Wealth Consciousness Business & Life Balance
Game of Life

Access Consciousness

Business Done Different 2020

Access Bar's 2020

Access Foundation 2020

Bodywork Qualifications

Thai Massage, Samoonprai, Chang Mai.               1993 

Anatomy, Physiology, Massage. I.T.E.C.              1995  

Bowen Soft Tissue Application.  B.B.A.               1998 

Bowen Soft Tissue Diploma Proficiency B.B..      1998 

Bowen Soft Tissue Diploma Excellence B.B.A      1998  

Hyperton-X Frank Mahony Foundation                1998 

Indian Head Massage Narendra Mehta

(London Centre of Champissage)                        1998  

Lower Back Pain Scottish School Prof Massage     1998 

Cranio-sacral Therapy Upledger Institute            1998  

Cranio-sacral Therapy Upledger Institute            1999 

Seated Acupressure On Site Massage, Gateway    2014

Facial Massage Scottish School Prof Massage        1998 

Natural Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Gateway    2014

Reflexology Qualifications

Traditional Reflexology            G.S.S.R.1994

Facial Reflexology                   G.S.S.R.1994

Abdominal Reflexology            G.S.S.R.1994 

Hand Reflexology                   G.S.S.R. 1994

Advanced Reflexology Anthony Porter  1995

Advanced Reflexology Anthony Porter  1998

Advanced Reflexology Anthony Porter  2000

Australian College Chi- Reflexology      2001 

Australian College Chi-Reflexology       2002

Australian College Chi-Reflexology       2003 

Post Grad Reflexology Chris Stormer    2003

Advanced Reflexology ART A Brunton   2014

Fingers Free Reflexology, Jubilee Coll. 2015

Pregnancy & Birth Reflexology             2015

Instructor - Parent Baby & Toddler
                  Reflexology Classes            2016  

Pregnancy Qualifications


Pregnancy Full Body Massage  2014


Pregnancy and Birth Reflexology 2015

Instructor - Parent Classes Baby and Toddler Reflexology 4 week sessions.

ThetaHealing Meditation Pregnant Mother & Baby in womb connection

Classes. (a very gentle compassionate part of session is gently bringing love after loss)