Bringing back that sense of calm...

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

ThetaHealing Evenings - Monthly with Irene Morrans

I teach techniques to take home to your every day life, allowing you space to calm your busy mind, recharge your batteries and get a sense of your purpose.  Over the evenings you will experience the glass is full, deeper sleep, more understanding of how you relate to yourself, more feeling of calm and peacefulness.  More aware what you are being triggered by and how to let go of beliefs you no longer need.  Relaxed and interesting evenings.  Healing & learning are easiest when you're having fun with it... You will be creating great change without sharing your personal story.
(I also see clients in person or via skype for Private sessions and self-development Practitioner training courses Internationally recognised throughout the year.  See ThetaHealing Course dates for information).

Each evening has a theme.  For instance 20th July 2017 the theme was manifesting, August was procrastination, September was love and inter-relationships with ourselves and the affect this has on our external relationships.  October's theme was aches & pains.  November's theme was 'More You', December finished off 2017 preparing for the New Year with 'Creating Change' being the theme, January began the year with 'Manifesting'. 

We may not realise our thoughts influence our experiences.  If you are feeling anything is possible you will have a great experiential life.  If however you feel not good enough, perhaps afraid to make your own decisions in case its the wrong one then without realising, your thoughts and decisions will be based on these views of yourself.

The life we are living absolutely reflects how we feel about ourselves.  Once you realise this, suddenly you are in a position of empowerment.  
Theme for 5th July 2018 is 'Life is for Fun'  We shall be focusing on clearing beliefs that are in the way of your sense of calm, fun and comfortable life and how to be you without carrying everyone else's stuff!

This will be a fun evening of making shifts in your thinking and whats possible for you health, relationships, life opportunities, feeling you are in charge of your life rather than 'fate' governing your life.

 19:30 we begin our evening for a whole new way of viewing your wellness and choices.  I encourage online booking (Click Button below) which allows the venue to be organised ahead to avoid seating chaos and is cheaper for you also.   

Vianna Stibal (Left) and myself on the final day of Teacher training in Dubai November 2015.
An incredible experience being taught to teach by the founder of ThetaHealing.  Vianna's own journey to health truly inspiring.

"Life is about the journey.  If you travel through in tomorrow, the journey will pass you by"   Irene x

Themes & Dates for my ThetaHealing Evenings

July            5th  - 'Life is for Fun'

August        2nd  - 'Freedom from Expectation to Comforting Experiences'

August       23rd  - 'Family Ties'

September 13th - 'Relaxation'

September 27th - To Be confirmed

October       4th -  'Dreaming Possibilities'

October      25th - Manifesting Your Life

November    8th - 'Uplifting Inner Connections'

November  29th - To Be Confirmed

December    6th - 'Creating Change'

What to expect during the evening

Gentle, welcoming, fun and profoundly life changing....
Absolutely for those ready for a step into the capacity of our mind, to a deep sense of wellness and connection.   We through this unique and simplistic technique have the opportunity to resolve our view of ourselves.

Who are we?
We create our view of who we are allowed to be, what is possible for us, our wealth bracket, our fun upper limit, how we view we should behave as an adult based on the experiences we have as children.  It wasn't the experience itself that formed our limitations but instead the self image we created for us that created the limitations.  This in turn allows us to transform those limitations by identifying the origin of the self image whilst understanding the needs we had in that moment of time and how they were/ were not met.  
Ultimately our ancestors went through the same, their DNA influences our self image, whats possible for us and on the story goes.

Resolving by my connecting to beliefs running through your DNA, any past life experiences that are unresolved along with your current life empowering you into your own purpose in this life.  We are free then of obligations restricting us.  The process for you is relaxing with my part to ensure you receive the healing you are giving permission for.

Even more importantly, the opportunity to leave chronic illness, anxiety, lack of direction behind.  The ThetaHealing Technique founded in 1994 by Vianna Stibal has created opportunity for change in lives across 152 countries.  
A thing of the past is possible for everyone
My personal journey through spinal injuries, chronic chest infections and arthritis in my hands have become an experience of the past. 
The fun partAn evening with Irene?...?  sharing ThetaHealing in my monthly 2 hour evenings at the Treetops Hotel, Springfield Road, Aberdeen.  

An evening with Irene looks like this..

The first 20 minutes of the evening
Firstly your personal story is kept private during my healing evenings.  My intention is for a feeling of belonging especially when so many people have gone through life feeling they don't fit in, a little different.  Many people who attend had struggled to understand how to live with being sensitive to others feelings, mood with the sense of 'picking up' other peoples stuff.

The middle part of the evening lasting approx 75 minutes  

My evenings each month focus on differing areas of how we experience life with logic understanding in the first section of the evening flowing into a relaxing deep state of The ThetaHealing Technique for approximately an hour and 15 minutes.  During this part of the evening you are beautifully relaxed whilst being fully in control of any healing you receive.  My part of this process is to connect with divine source energy to channel and co-create the healing's required for those present.

The final part of the evening lasts approximately 20 minutes 
The latter part of the evening we affirm the changes, distant healing for loved ones and have the opportunity to open yourself to conscious opportunity to manifesting positives for your life.

2 hours pass like a flash and this is just the beginning of subtle changes over the next few days in energy, chronic pain, anxiety, feeling disconnected, wanting the understandings to questions, becoming the energy that steers your life (this is how it really is) rather than the sense that fate is steering you.