Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

Reiki PRACTICE Sessions ONLY FOR Students & Practitioners STUDIED With Irene Saturday 27th Feb 08:00am-10:00am UK £14


Zoom.us downloaded onto your device is essential to attend the Online Live Interactive Reiki Practice Sessions.

Irene will be answering your questions, giving a group Reiki Healing for the first part of the session.

Reiki 1 Students and Practitioners will be in a virtual room with Irene nurturing your self reiki treatments.

Reiki 2 Students and Practitioners will be in virtual side rooms for part of the session having reiki exchanges.  Irene with float between the rooms helping everyone.

The Zoom.us link will be sent to you on payment £12

ESSENTIAL TO ATTEND - Provide Your Email to receive Zoom Link

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