Bringing back that sense of calm...

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

Energy and Sound Healing Evenings(Postponed to January/ New Venue - Alternate Wed/Thur Fortnightly. All welcome £14.26(£17 At door) 19:00-20:30


A relaxed environment to learn how to connect to yourself, experience energy of crystals, sense your aura, understand how to tell the difference between someone elses energy and your own.  Understanding boundaries, understanding sensitivity is a super power... known as an Empath you have higher sensitivities/awareness to the world around you and learning how to live in this higher awareness with ease.

Children and young adults with a faster brain frequency have heightened awareness of their surroundings which can become overwhelming.  These evenings bring a calmer state, sense of connection and belonging.  Skills to connect to themselves assisting feeling calmer and safer.

I work with families with addition support needs children and young adults to assist with interactions, calming, dynamics between parents increasing supportive calming environment for the children.  Communicate in a way your young person can discover their needs and express them.

Email: [email protected] to discuss further.

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