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with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

ThetaHealing Practitioner Manifesting & Abundance 2&1/2 Day Certification. DATES TO BE CONFIRMED - £95 Deposit Bal- Full Fee£325

£299.00 £325.00

A beautifully gentle opening to awareness that we are actually manifesting our next moment all the time.

Our thoughts create our reality and are created by more than your conscious thought.  Ancestors ideas of what was possible as a male or female / financial blue print / th.

their concept of being safe / our wonderful ancestors have so many positives we limit ourselves from experiencing due to negative feelings and viewpoints we have in regard to their perspectives, discipline, attitude etc.

Once we clear the less positve, the channel opens for all the supportive feelings to open within us helping to make clearer decisions on our future now.

The same concept relates to our past lives and our childhood.  Totally life changing experiences.

Course content:

Official Vianna Stibal DVD, Certificate allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you wish. Refreshments are provided.

(Please bring a packed lunch)

2 Day Practitioner Certification Course £325  (Full fee £325 if Deposit paid after !st March)
 (Early Bird Price £299 when Deposit of £95 paid before1st March 2019.

The class is 75% practical in a supportive, light hearted, fun environment where learning is easy.

As a practitoner student you will learn how to manifest and identify conscious thought or thoughts stemming from our ancestors/past lives/soul level which are preventing your dreams coming true.

We learn future readings, divine timings, techniques to identify blocking beliefs, manifesting techniques, soul connections & more

Effectiveness of setting goals in relativity to ThetaHealing technique to manifest:

Talking about your goals - 30 to 40% effective
Visualising your goals is around 50% effective
Manifesting in the Theta State is around 80-90% effective

Why? We are identifing & resolving deep seated fears creating self sabotage.

This is a profoundly life changing course either as self development or those wishing to use these skills within current practice/ begin your own practice helping others create a healthier, happier life for themselves.  Empowerment is the tool which opens all doors.

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