Bringing back that sense of calm...

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

Reiki 1 Training 2 Day Oct 15-16th Tue/Wed 9.30-5pm(£95 Dep) Aberdeen - Parents ASN discount £50


Beautifully powerful energy technique using the Alpha wave.  Alpha wave has been shown to calm anxiety, reduce pain, deepen quality of sleep, increase the ability to relax your mind, increase your sense of belonging.  Helps focus and direct your intention.

Practitioner training with a twist.  Experienced practitioner in my 24th year having studied many modalities all based around communication within your mind, body, spirit, soul, genetics and past life.  The affects are both positive and negative on your current choices and interactions with your life.

My approach to teaching Reiki brings in the connection through your sacred name, gate keepers to ensure the energy you are tapping in to is pure Reiki.  The energy is amplified, its free of interference from any other sources of energy other than Usui ensuring your energy is maintained throughout treatments.

The symptom of feeling drained due to giving away your own energy during the Reiki process is avoided.  You will be energised and have clarity of many dimensions whilst treating your friends, family, pets and clients.

My perspective is about getting you back in the driving seat of your life in this 2 day Reiki 1 training course.  Reiki 1 is for self use and to help family, friends, plants & pets.  This is your launch pad into Practitioner training.

Reiki First Degree Fee: £195.00  (Bring pack lunch)
Included: Manual, Certificate, Refreshmenrts

Reiki First Degree is such a beautiful experience, with atunements to open your third eye and crown to the wonders of this wave of energy.  Reiki 1 atunement creates the flow of change within the practitioner to clear resistance and blocks that you yourself are ready for.  You will be taught how to sense energy, energy fields around people and animals.  You will experience how to open chakras (the meeting point of the physical and energetic bodies.  Energetic disturbances are palpable within the auric or energy field before they manifest in the physical body.  The use of Reiki allows these disturbances or changes to be resolved before they manifest physically with regular use of Reiki.  When you complete Reiki 1, you will be very quickly ready for practitioner level of Reiki 11 by regularly treating yourself.  

Reiki Second Degree is the next step of atunement with symbols and use of some crystal energy within Practitioner teachings.  Its truly exciting to lay hands either on or near someone that asks for your help to see the change in pain levels, easing of stress, sense of peace.  

Reiki is a globally recognised treatment with Therapist Insurance available.  (Insurance is discussed during training).

(If you are interested in Deeper Genetic and belief work this would direct you into training in ThetaHealing.  I run foundation courses throughout the year, dates& course information in the ThetaHealing drop down box,   Both disciplines of Reiki and ThetaHealing stand alone, however ThetaHealing creates a whole new wiindow of seeing and creating change.

Transformational without having to look at the story to resolve trauma, loss, grief, abusive relationships.  Create for yourself and your clients instead self belief, self worth, belonging, knowing why you are here, create and manifesting, connecting to the laws, guardians, ancestors, crystals and so much more.  Jump over the thetahealing drop down and have a look & get in touch on contacts page via email if you have questions or want to discuss your options. 

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