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ThetaHealing Advanced DNA2 - 3 Day Certification Course 18-20 Oct (Fri/Sat 9am-6pm & Sun 9-3pm) Early Bird £425 Ends 10th Oct

£425.00 £445.00

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Completing the Foundation courses of ThetaHealing.  Pre-requisite Basic DNA2.

Resolve an incredible amount of genetic and past life perspectives influencing our decisions in our life now.  We are often disappointed and confused by the way life seems to control or bring struggle our way.  Actually its the waves of beliefs we omit that brings the 'story' back to us in the opportunity of creating change of our best and the best of our clients if you decide to follow on into helping others with these life changing techniques.

Open and develop your intuitive abilities; meet ancestors, guardian angels, higher self (that nagging voice in your head!), experience and learn to live in the most peaceful space within you and your connection to the energy or creation - unconditional love.  You will be amazed what changes you can create in your life and how your relationships with those around you change.

Course Material Provided:  Manual, Vianna Stibal Book, Certificate.  teabreaks.
(Please bring a pack lunch, slippers to be comfortable, note book).

Course Work - 75% Practical.
Follow on Foundation Training Courses:

Dig Deeper - Included in the Pre-requisits to allow study of most other ThetaHealing courses.

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