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Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.


Heart Centred Business Success Events 'Human Factor in Paradigm Shift' - 4 Hour Transformational Evenings - click for details) £205per event.


Fast Paced, Transitional, Life changing events realising the hidden paradigms your life has been governed by.  Expect no going back to the 'less than' approach after these 4 hour evening events in Aberdeen City.  All 4 events ideally attented as a progressive content, however can stand alone and attend missed event next run.

Find your paradigms and their restriction on how you experience your business life.  Find and resolve old programming interfering with your true desire to change the way your  business world is experienced.

Are your experience outcomes a correlation of your desires or a disturbance?  Are you bouncing out of bed each morning with more than enough enthusiasm to inspire successful business without struggling to figure out how you can achieve this ?

How would your life be if you could achieve a larger audience and customer/client base without slogging it out when you could be having special time with your family and friends. 

Become your own path to promote wellness of your business ~ choose the life you love and you'll never feel like your 'working' again!

If all the aspects below are as successful as you wish them to be, then perhaps you are already over flowing with an amazing career ... if your not quite at the point you wish to be this 4 staged process will open you to a whole new perspective and channel to success.

Wealth Consciousness
Personal Consciousness

Q.  Have you reached Your juncture?
A.  Yes, Absolutely perfect, but my business just seems to reach a point it does not go beyond.

Its time to release your restrictions to your own approach ~ to receive a 'different message' from yourself and putting this 'different message' into a language the universe understands.

~ Language and Business are parallel
~ Finance and Worth are parallel
~ Belief and Self Empowerment are parallel

Q.  What kind of 'worth' exists within you already that you are telling the universe through your subconscious paradigms?
Q.  What kind of 'worth' are you receiving in return?

The Heart Centred Business you desire involves you discovering and resolving your subconscious paradigms.

Be Prepared to:
~  Have clarity & change.
~  Realise the reasons you are not quite where you wish to be.
~  Face the possibility of success.
~  Leave each event with awareness of the direct correlation of your paradigms and your previous
    outcomes and making changes.

4 Events each focused on 2 specifi topics, monthly. 17:30 - 21:30 (Finger Buffet included)
£205 per event.   PROGRESSIVE EVENTS.
 Book online:


Month One 2017 - Paradigms/Wealth Consciousness
(Understanding subconscious influence on conscious choice & how these choices often de-rail our progress - Law of Abundance)

Month Two 2017- Identity/Value
(Self worth & retrospective self value reflected through your Net Worth/Represented Value given for service - Law of Deserving)

Month Three 2017 - Networking/competition
(Your self perception around peer groups/similar businesses.  Are you perceiving them as support or threatening your customer opportunities - Law of Attraction)

Month Four 2017    -  Communication/Public Speaking
(Preparing for Success; Presenting your purpose with authenticity/balancing choice of progressing alone or with business associates or employees..  Harmonious motivation of your employees or business associates - Law of co-operation.

There is nothing in your way apart from your paradigms... investing in your paradigm change is the key to your success.  Success comes from acknowledgement, strategy AND perspectives.  

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