Bringing back that sense of calm...

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

ThetaHealing Evenings - 2 per Month - Treetops, Aberdeen. 15pp ( DOOR price 18.00pp) 19:30-21:30


Creating a Life you can 'open your Horizons' to is possible, life changing, nurturing, aligning, being in your purpose, living with ease and releasing the struggle.


Springfield Road, Aberdeen.

Come and relax in the energy of ThetaHealing, enjoying 2 hours of techniques to feel calm, relaxed, feel more love for yourself, learn to put yourself closer to the top of your priority list without feeling quilty.

Dip your toe in the water of seeing aura's, sensing anothers energy, manifesting in your life, chakra's (energy centres which connect your spiritual and physical bodies), deep meditative state that creates a slower rate of brain wave enabling you to connect on a deep and profound level with your 'self'.

ThetaHealing is one of the fasted growing wellness change modalities worldwide.   Irene trained in ThetaHealing as a Practitioner in Edinburgh, London and Dubai.  As an Instructor with founder Vianna Stibal in Dubai 2015.

  Astounded by the life change for herself and clients Irene went on to train as a Teacher in the ThetaHealing to spread this truly incredible, gentle and profoundly recovery based technique to other Practitioners so they may combine with their current practice.

  Many Lay persons train in ThetaHealing on a self development and career/purpose/health improvement of well-being.

   Certified Practitioner and Instructor by Vianna Stiba,l I run workshops, Practitioner Certificate Classes, Healing Events and Private Sessions.

Advance your knowledge, clear blocks to your growth, become a practitioner if you wish to deepen the shift for your clients, change your inner world so your outer world reflects a different story back to you... (See Course Dates for Practitioner Certification Courses 2018 - Aberdeen).

Clear blocks to your living a successful life with ease and harmony.  Expand into your purpose.. Grow your spiritual self and feel at one with yourself & the world around you.

Its going to be a great evening, bring a friend or two and spread the word...

Sleep deeply, feel closer to your family, feel de-stressed, on purpose, discover the subtlety of your intuitive self, how to feel your chakras opening and be in the presence of like minded every day people like yourself living their lives and looking for something more.

Live a life you choose rather than the one you feel you were dealt....after all you are the captain of your own ship.

See you at the Treetops, Irene  x

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