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Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.


ThetaHealing 'In Person' Private Session 80mins


Profoundly life changing... The majority of my clients have already tried all the alternative treatments for chronic illness, depression, fear of public speaking, fear of failure etc., weight management issues, feeling they have no purpose and wanting life to be more than it is, anxiety, self confidence, depression, attracting the same unhealthy relationships, Bereavement, struggling to make decisions, abuse survivors ... the areas of benefit goes on. 

Q.  How many sessions will I need? A. A very significant difference is experienced after the first session and the majority of people for even the most  symptoms tend not to require more than 4.  You yourself are in control of managing your choice on appointments.  I keep in touch with clients between sessions.  Generally its somewhere between 3 and 6 weeks between sessions.

I spend my days loving the career I have. It was a rough personal journey that brought me to exactly where I was meant to be...

...for without my own journey I would not have the pleasure of helping you to be empowered on yours... life Is a journey.  Lets begin today with the journey the 'you' under all your experiences would love to live.
Irene x

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