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Have you found yourself in this unexplicable situation where you know you are ready for a new way of experiencing your life?

You make a plan, see the way forward for you and trust that the very core of your being knows what is the right step to take next.  You follow through with your 'knowing', breathe in a deep 'leap of faith' and step into the new.

Amazing, powerful, meaningful, on purpose, brave.

Time expanding and contracting with you.

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A little moment in time may feel like forever!
Downcast at chores we have to complete before the fun comes along; something we're all familiar with.

I had a fortunate childhood from the age of around 4 years.
Very modest beginnings with little more than enough
but my memories are having fun playing with the other kids 
in the street.  I remember the play park in Ayreshire had a sandpit
and i had a little push along scooter i loved.  I remember being
fiercely protective of my brother (who was older than me) and always
happy and ready for adventure.
Time itself felt like an expansion of me where I could dream
 anything in my mind was possible.
Does that make me a dreamer or a believer?
My life seemed to speed past into experiences
 frozen in time in my memory exactly as it was in that fragment of time,


Between our childhood reaching adulthood this sense of time seems
to get lost in commitments and responsibilities which slowly iron out
our memories and leave us focusing on 'getting through' with the odd
organised fun or social gatherings.



I miss the 'now' more than anything I miss the 'now'.  For the now is the place
where we either resign ourselves to being out of the fun or be in the now so
 the fun is the very life force of our survival.