Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

A little about myself...

We all have reasons for choosing a vocation in therapies.  Mostly to resolve our own problems which in turn brings a more enlightened path for those who walk alongside us to seek their answers.

Inspired by fracturing my lower back at a young age, surgery, some fairly significant emotional experiences, led me to a search beyond the logical alone.  Sourcing deep innate healing abilities within me I held off studying any official energy techniques for years with a sense I didn't want my logic to get in the way of this natural energy healing.

As it turns out 'my team' expanded in numbers on my learning structured Energy Healing techniques.  Rather than limiting me, they brought me  into teaching.  

Intuitive enrichment is the path to a flow of life.  There are few feelings more fulfilling than sharing knowledge and watching my students grow in understanding, finding answers to life questions and building their own future in a more gentle, self compassionate way.  

Whether you take courses for your own spiritual, mind, Soul enrichment or to support yourself as a vocation path, the shift people experience in taking charge of their own health and well-being is the most precious thing.

I am 52years, a mother of a son with Aspergers who literally inspires me on a daily basis. I have learned tools in my 'bag of life' have enriched our relationship through the ways I can connect and help him.  We are all blessed.  Even moments that initially seem like a challenge have something for us on a deeper level.