Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 


 Multi Dimensional Soul Healer whilst keeping the solid matter of the physical self grounded in the present with physical, energetic and Soul levels being treated congruently.

(A disturbance on our physical level being our very reflection of the other levels requiring a shift on behalf of our 

                                               Greater Soul).

Love and Kindness is the way x

Irene Morrans Est. 1994


Notice Board 2020

Welcome Intrepid Soul Searchers both new and those already journeying alongside me.

So it's been quite a year so far and ready in our new house to begin all the fun exploration and healing again.  (Those who know me will already know we adopted a huge hearted rescue dog Mia who sadly had to be put to sleep.  We were her 6th home.  She was loved, it was calm, we did everything we could for her and she loved us in return,  We had been giving her time to heal from her awful previous experience before bringing too many people in house at one time. 

 Hence courses, classes, energy sound healing evenings were on hold.  Only private sessions, Skype sessions and house energy clearings along with facebook lives were ongoing to give  our girl Mia space.

Mia from her lovely angel dog heart is at peace with many people having received healing from her.  Our journey is just beginning.  Blessings for all Mia is and has been.  I am moved and so joyed to say she shall be joining our healing evenings, classes, sessions as the amazing high frequency she is.  Life never ends in our Soul form, the journey merely changes.

What does that mean for you?  Firstly huge gratitude for all my lovely clients and friends  whilst we moved, unpacked and got organised to begin 2020.  

Welcome all current and new Intrepid Soul Searchers online and in person here in the North East of Scotland.  Workshops, Sound & Energy Healing, Practitioner Training and Private sessions both Skype & in person are underway again.  I's a year for deep healing & creating.

Check in regularly for workshops on my facebook page 

Grateful for the technology which allows us to connect, communicate and heal at distance.  After all, energy unlocking is the key to letting go of the old and bringing in the life your Soul knows is for you.

Sound and Energy Healing Evenings     Inverurie Thursday Weekly   Arrive 7pm for a 19:15 - 20:15.   Online Booking £11.26 (Door £15).      Email:   [email protected] from contact page for Venue information.

Gentle space to relax, release tension, receive healing of our mind, body, soul, ancestors whilst absorbing sound healing.

 Singing bowl frequency deepen your release of held emotions making you feel more relaxed in your mind body soul.  People have found benefit in for headaches, aches and pains, difficult sleeping, feeling overwhelmed in daily life.  Increase awareness of your lovely self, more sense of path in life.  

Without requirement for experience.  Seated or if you wish to lie down please bring your yoga mat, blanket, pillow. 

Wear layers; during healing our temperature may fluctuate x

THETAHEAING 3 HOUR WORKSHOPS - 1ST OF 6 MONTHLY  7TH SEPTEMBER 2019 16:00-19:00 £43.00.         (Fully Booked)

THETAHEALING WORKSHOP 2 - SUNDAY October 6th 17:30-20:30  £43.    Theme: Energetic Boundaries (FULLY BOOKED)

This workshop will teach foundation techniques & build self help techniques.  A reminder booklet included.

  • Awareness of the layers of our 'Aura' or 'Electro-magnetic Field'
  • The affects of absorbing other peoples energy & techniques to maintain your own space 
  • Techniques to Release Others and Retrieve Your Energy and Soul Fragments with associated DNA information
  • Techniques to increase your self healing capacity
  • Improving Energy Levels

THETAHEALING WORKSHOP 3 - WEDNESDAY 30TH OCTOBER 18:00-21:00 £43.    Theme: Empath;  The Super Power

This workshop will review the foundation techniques & build self help techniques.  A reminder booklet included.

  • Learn how our 'senses' work as a highly sensitive/empathic Individual.
  • Learn how to notice when you are picking up other peoples pain, illness, emotion & learn supportive techniques to change this pattern.                                                  
  •  Release some old patterns creating over responsibility for others.     
  • Learn receiving of self care without resistance.

THETAHEALING WORKSHOP 4th of 6 monthly - (NEW VENUE POSTPONED TO MARCH    Theme: Love and Relationships

THETAHEALING WORKSHOP 5th of 6 monthly - (NEW VENUE/ POSTPONED TO APRIL)       Theme: Psychometry

THETAHEALNG WORKSHOP 6th of 6 monthly - (NEW VENUE/POSTPONED TO MAY)    Theme: Angel Communication

Health is much more than your physical well being with growing national recognition of the importance the influence your 'mind' plays in your well being, happiness and success in life.  Weekly ThetaHealing Evenings in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire teach you effective, gentle techniques to energise, calm affects of stress, understand yourself more, like yourself more, realise 'our story' of viewing ourselves in our world may be able to change without the drama and chaos. Read endless self help books over the years, weight loss programmes, start and never finish what you set out to do.  Not the best relationship with friends and family.  Change is easier than you think, and truly empowering simply because the change comes from within.  (See Special Events Page)

Mind, body and spirit come together in your sessions with me to give you the changes you want for your life with treatments specific to your needs on the day.  Making positive changes and aligning with the progression you wish to experience in your life.


All through my training in physical ailments I looked for those disciplines that aligned with your body being in charge of the changes and noticed how it was possible to 'hear' what my clients needs were that day by noticing the subtle cues given by their muscles or reflexes and aligning them with your bodies order of priority, rather than a logical approach.  

It is this skill that brings clients through word of mouth and changes lives.  I am grateful for my own journey, for without it I would have missed taking you on yours.

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