Bringing back that sense of calm, reconnecting to our Soul & becoming our path of light.

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

Welcome to this gentle space I created nearly 27yrs ago born out of finding solutions to my own 'moments'.

I along with this space continue to evolve offering therapeutic body treatments, quantum energy healing private sessions, workshops, healing events and courses aligning you with the skills to create a more Soulful Life.  I hope to inspire you and help you recognise you are precious in your uniqueness and able to heal any wound with a little support and kindness, Irene  x 

                                                                                SITE UNDER RECONSTRUCTION - SHOP AVAILABLE 

Notice Board 2020 - available in shop.

Sound & Energy Healing with my Spirit Team.   (Not for relaxation; to clear beliefs causing unease accompanied by frequency of sound)

Tuesday Weekly 7pm -8pm UK £8

Zoom Event.  Recording available allowing you to receive healing at another time if you are unable to attend live.

Channeled healing evenings; ancestors, past lives, current life.  

Thursday Facilitation 
Group & Personal Facilitation 
 Access Consciousness, ThetaHealing, Reiki, my Spirit Team.

Thursday Weekly 6:30-8:00 PM UK £17 (Online Zoom - Bookings latest 2hrs pre event  / Links emailed 1 hr 
                                                         pre event.

Resolving our past creates a new way of living now.   A wonderful connection to realise feelings existing within you you were not conscious of.  Letting go of the limitations these feelings create through both the Group and Personal Facilitation.

A gift to you of complimentary 15 min Healings helping to soothe mind, body and spirit

 FB page Irene Morrans ThetaHealing Aberdeen - Complimentary Live 15 min Healings Mondays 2pm UK

 Live Tuesdays 2pm UK Complimentary Reiki Healing.  On my facebook page: Irene Morrans Reiki Courses Aberdeen
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Health is much more than your physical well being with growing national recognition of the importance the influence your 'mind' plays in your well being, happiness and success in life.  Weekly ThetaHealing Evenings in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire teach you effective, gentle techniques to energise, calm affects of stress, understand yourself more, like yourself more, realise 'our story' of viewing ourselves in our world may be able to change without the drama and chaos. Read endless self help books over the years, weight loss programmes, start and never finish what you set out to do.  Not the best relationship with friends and family.  Change is easier than you think, and truly empowering simply because the change comes from within.  (See Special Events Page)

Mind, body and spirit come together in your sessions with me to give you the changes you want for your life with treatments specific to your needs on the day.  Making positive changes and aligning with the progression you wish to experience in your life.