Bringing back that sense of calm...

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

(Left) Vianna Stibal founder of ThetaHealing & Irene

Practitioner Training Courses -




Bring this life changing modality into your current practice or begin your new career making a real and significant difference to your life and the lives around you.


Courses Aberdeen

(DATES July 2017 ONWARDS on Thetahealing & Reiki Course Dates page)

Basic DNA2 3 day             16-18 December 2016

Basic DNA2 3 day              20-22 January  2017

Advanced DNA2                17-19 February 2017

Basic DNA2 3 day              17-19 March     2017

Dig Deeper 2 day              24-25 March    2017

Advanced DNA2 3 Day      14-16 April      2017

Manifesting & Abundance 21-22 May      2017
2 day

Basic DNA2 3 Day             12-14 May      2017

ThetaHealing Evenings

(More information on 'ThetaHealing Evenings' page under ThetaHealing)

ThetaHealing Feel Good and create change


Dates 2018 Thursday

January 11th - Manifesting

February 8th - Empath - the Super Power

March 15th   - Money is never about Money

April 12th     - Plan Your Future

May 10th      - Keep Energy & Focus

June  7th     - Experiences = Positives

Dates 2017

JULY           - Thursday 20th
AUGUST      - Thursday 10th
SEPTEMBER - Thursday  7th
OCTOBER    - Thursday 12th
NOVEMBER  - Thursday  9th
December   - Thursday 28th

£15per ticket 

19:30 -21:30  (At Door Price £18.00)

Feel good, enjoy this life changing ThetaHealing Technique for an amazing

 2 hours which feels like half an hour!

During the evening I guide you gently through a process of awareness with yourself.  You will feel peace in a way you have never before and a sense of self as never before.

An opportunity to create real contentment, create real change, become aware of your thoughts and how you are constantly creating a life for yourself by your beliefs and even your ancestors beliefs.

The collective people in the room are every day people living their lives and coming along because they have heard the amazing changes people experience; in mind state, emotions and sense of well-being.  Aches and pains ease, its fun, healing, gentle, profound... 

I am biased but can't recommend enough the changes ThetaHealing creates.  


2 hour event focusing on a specific area each event.  Numbers are limited and always busy.  Booking online ensures a place along with bring a friend price.   Do remember to bring your paypal online ticket receipt (electronic version is perfect) with you for entry!  Click below for further information and to book.


Usui Reiki Self and Practitioner Training Courses

The flow of Reiki energy when attuned through your souls vibration and gatekeepers ensures a secure energy path direct to the Grand Masters of Reiki.

 Class Sizes:

Maximum 4 persons Reiki First Degree.

Maximum 6 persons for Reiki Second Degree.

Maximum 4 persons for Reiki Master.

During each level of Reiki Training my courses create space for the students to have individual beliefs that limit your receiving of the energy resolved. 

 This process allows you to receive the attunement with ease allowing the energy to be at the correct potency for both the student/practitioner/recipient.

Your deposit payment of £95.00 secures your place with the balance paid one week prior to course commencement.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions,

Irene x