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with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

I am grateful for my journey, for without it I would have missed my purpose of accompanying you on yours...

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Monthly ThetaHealing Evenings

Fun, informative, learning to hear and trust your intuition, understand how our brains way of networking can both help and hinder, make use of the positives and clear old beliefs & behaviours held in your DNA creating those pesky patterns in life you just seem to keep repeating. (suitable for practitioners and those with no experience). Note: beliefs are held and create disturbance in all areas of your life not just the themed areas.  Take advantage and attend as many as you can to create deeper moving life changes for you. 

April's Theme 

'Plan your Future'

Coming Months Theme's
April     12th - 'Plan your Future'
May     10th - 'Keep Energy & Focus'
June    7th  - 'Experiences = Positives'

March is an amazing, interesting and fun topic - for wealthy, less than wealthy, truly cash strapped, in debt and those who would like more financial control.  Your personal money story you keep to yourself whilst still creating great change.  You will logically see what experiences in your younger years are influencing how you handle money, your perspectives that are driving your choices.  Using ThetaHealing Technique we shall be clearing blocks you are ready to release ranging round your connections to self empowerment, bullying, feeling less than, perspectives of people with lots of money, any genetic patterns that are driving your experience of financial freedom or debt.  How money comes and goes... this topic is both logic and subconscious with our lovely ancestors playing their part.   Book ahead to ensure seating; really looking forward to this evening.  Its amazing how our self image is tied up in money.  See you on the 15th March, Irene x

Date: Thursday 12th April 2018    19:30 - 21:30
...bring a notebook and pen.

Venue: Treetops, Springfield Road, Aberdeen
Book Online £15 per person  

 Pay At Door: £18 per person



Telephone: 07952-700-805

Some Reiki
Course Dates 2018

Usui Reiki First Degree 

March 31st & 1st April 2018

 9-5pm £195.

Begin your Reiki 'Self-Healing' journey.

Benefit Yourself, Friends, Family, Pets & Plants.

Student Linda "Realising what blocks to me are and working through that.  Waiting with anticipation for Reiki 2."

Usui Reiki Second Degree

April 27th-29th

9 - 5pm 

3 Day Practitioner Level.  Attuned with Soul Name & Gate Keepers.

Student Samantha "I did my Reiki 1 with someone else.  I found a great difference in the way we connect to the Reiki Masters.  The technique Irene uses I hadn't heard of before.  We felt our own soul energy and I heard my soul name, amazing!  I met my gate keepers and understand them.  I recommend Reiki to everyone who wants to feel better and help others feel better too.  I wanted this for the symbols to help my husband and his back.  

Health is much more than your physical well being with growing national recognition of the importance the influence your 'mind' plays in your well being, happiness and success in life.  Monthly ThetaHealing Evenings at the Treetops, Springfield Road, Aberdeen teach you effective, gentle techniques to energise, calm affects of stress, understand yourself more, like yourself more, realise 'our story' of viewing ourselves in our world may be able to change without the drama and chaos. Read endless self help books over the years, weight loss programmes, start and never finish what you set out to do.  Not the best relationship with friends and family.  Change is easier than you think, and truly empowering simply because the change comes from within.  (See Special Events Page)

Mind, body and spirit come together in your sessions with me to give you the changes you want for your life with treatments specific to your needs on the day.  Making positive changes and aligning with the progression you wish to experience in your life.


All through my training in physical ailments I looked for those disciplines that aligned with your body being in charge of the changes and noticed how it was possible to 'hear' what my clients needs were that day by noticing the subtle cues given by their muscles or reflexes and aligning them with your bodies order of priority, rather than a logical approach.  

It is this skill that brings clients through word of mouth and changes lives.  I am grateful for my own journey, for without it I would have missed taking you on yours.

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