Bringing back that sense of calm...

with Irene Morrans Est. 1994 

I am grateful for my journey, for without it I would have missed my purpose of accompanying you on yours...

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Monthly ThetaHealing Evenings

Fun, informative, learning to hear and trust your intuition, understand how our brains way of networking can both help and hinder, make use of the positives and clear old beliefs, behaviours & possibilities held in your younger years, any adult experiences that impacted you negatively, your DNA programming creating those pesky patterns in life you just seem to keep repeating. (suitable for practitioners and those with no experience).

 Changing the way you view yourself and possibilities these views allow you to have in life open a whole new world for yourself.

Although each evening has a theme, this is merely to trigger your subconscious into action.  The way we view our possibilities, ourselves, our parents show in all areas of our life.  Each evening will clear more and more of the 'mind clutter' that gets in the way of us being truly happy and free within ourselves.

July's Theme 

'Even More fun'

Coming Months Theme's... no experience required for you to feel amazing
July        5th - 'Life is for Fun'
June       7th - 'Experiences = Positives'
May     10th - 'Keep Energy & Focus'

 July's theme of 'Life is for Fun' is another topic which holds all sorts of Genetic coding as a foundation for creating change along with our younger years through to now.  We are continuously creating our reality based on our beliefs.  Is it possible to have a different future by creating change now?  Absolutely.

The amount of fun we allow ourselves to have as adults along with how much focus is on getting things done rather than the fun aspect of life whilst getting things done - directly relates to the point at which our parents, siblings, peers, teachers reacted to us in our state of fun (or hyper state).
We create our self image of possibilities based upon the parameters made by others.  Now we are adults we are restricted by these self images of possibilities - July 5th is about opening these parameters and allowing your own idea of what fun can and should be for you to come to the surface.

You as the attendee have the opportunity for a deep relaxation whilst I connect you to relevant ways of viewing life as a consequence of these genetic and life experiences.  Changing the genetic life codes that are distracting you from your own purpose, health, energy, direction, vitality, internal peace, quality sleep, quality health is the wonder of this evening.

Our life decisions are built on both genetics, learned behaviours, learned self image, coping mechanisms, 'checking out' as a way of surviving a particular experience in your life, negative experiences that motivate us to move forward and eg. prove we can 'get through'

Ladies and gentlemen require absolutely no experience, merely the will to be open to having a new way of experiencing your thoughts, emotions, life that fits who you are now.   Your personal 'life story' remains private.  

Aches and pains reduce, calmer frame of mind, improved concentration and sleep quality, improved relationships, maintaining direction with the motivation to do so improves without effort, making more appropriate decisions that are supportive of what you wish for in your life, improves focus, learn the difference between instinct and reactive thought.

Each month creates a deeper sense of self empowering as you release more of the old views that just don't feel right for you any more.   The topic's are both logical and subconscious with our lovely ancestors playing their part.   Book ahead to ensure seating;  looking forward seeing you all for this evening.  

  See you on the 5th July, Irene x

Date: Thursday 5th July 2018    19:30 - 21:30

Venue: Treetops, Springfield Road, Aberdeen

Book Online £15 per person  

 Pay At Door: £18 per person


www.facebook.com/Irene Morrans ThetaHealing Aberdeen

Telephone: 07952-700-805

Some Reiki
Course Dates 2018

Usui Reiki First Degree 

May 26-27th 2018

Max 4 students to allow time for Irene to work with you clearing old beliefs which limit your receiving of Reiki energy.


Saturday 9am - 3pm

Sunday 9am - 6pm £195.

Begin your Reiki 'Self-Healing' journey.

Benefit Yourself, Friends, Family, Pets & Plants.

Student Linda "Realising what blocks to me are and working through that.  Waiting with anticipation for Reiki 2."

Usui Reiki Second Degree

Friday 6th - Sunday 8th July 2018

Max 6 Students allowing time for Irene to work with you to resolve old life experiences and beliefs that get in the way of you healing others, being paid for your skill etc.

Friday and Saturday 9 - 5pm

Sunday 9-3pm 

3 Day Practitioner Level.  Attuned with Soul Name & Gate Keepers.

Student Samantha "I did my Reiki 1 with someone else.  I found a great difference in the way we connect to the Reiki Masters.  The technique Irene uses I hadn't heard of before.  We felt our own soul energy and I heard my soul name, amazing!  I met my gate keepers and understand them.  I recommend Reiki to everyone who wants to feel better and help others feel better too.  I wanted this for the symbols to help my husband and his back.  

Health is much more than your physical well being with growing national recognition of the importance the influence your 'mind' plays in your well being, happiness and success in life.  Monthly ThetaHealing Evenings at the Treetops, Springfield Road, Aberdeen teach you effective, gentle techniques to energise, calm affects of stress, understand yourself more, like yourself more, realise 'our story' of viewing ourselves in our world may be able to change without the drama and chaos. Read endless self help books over the years, weight loss programmes, start and never finish what you set out to do.  Not the best relationship with friends and family.  Change is easier than you think, and truly empowering simply because the change comes from within.  (See Special Events Page)

Mind, body and spirit come together in your sessions with me to give you the changes you want for your life with treatments specific to your needs on the day.  Making positive changes and aligning with the progression you wish to experience in your life.


All through my training in physical ailments I looked for those disciplines that aligned with your body being in charge of the changes and noticed how it was possible to 'hear' what my clients needs were that day by noticing the subtle cues given by their muscles or reflexes and aligning them with your bodies order of priority, rather than a logical approach.  

It is this skill that brings clients through word of mouth and changes lives.  I am grateful for my own journey, for without it I would have missed taking you on yours.

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